Top chef’s fish

A top chef holds a fish in his hands. I notice fat bodies and relatively small heads. But the fish opens his mouth and the top chef keeps it shut.


Fisherman’s fish

As the owner often has the same looks as his dog, this Somali fisherman looks similar to the fish he caught. Near to his trouser pockets, I notice small fins.

Mating frogs

On Madagascar these frogs  have only one day a year to mate. They do it all together simultaneously. They’re having fun.

Ring-tailed lemur

Seen on TV, Madagascar’s nature. Even without looking at the striking tail, this is a special animal. God is a great graphic artist.

Italian ice cream

At the Italian ice cream parlor a large plastic ice cream stands in front of the entrance.

Formation flying

In a show of force, the fighter jets of the French Air Force seem attached with thick ropes to the ground.

Senegalese protester

Senegalese women call for tough action against Ansar Dine, which declared independence in Mali while trying to impose their interpretation of ‘sharia’. This rebel organization linked to Al-Qaeda wants to ban watching and playing football, shaving, smoking, watching television, and hiring motor-cycles carrying a man and a woman at the same time.