Last week Desmond Tutu visited the Netherlands. Using his charming smile you could not have missed him on Dutch television. Yet I believe that this 81-year-old man is burning deep inside.



America on fire

One of the features that people distinguish themselves from animals is the ability to make fire. But also, people have the capacity to imagine a whole nation in a flag, which is in fact a piece of fabric with a specific color pattern. Or even more, there are people who are willing to die for a flag.

Superman sales

In Jalan Cihampelas, one of Bandung’s shopping streets, next to the Spiderman store, there is a Superman store. It looks like Superman flew into the building from the rear and got stuck in the facade.

Spiderman smoking pot

In a The Hague neighborhood where immigrants live, they smoke pot in Ceylon Coffeeshop, half tolerated by the authorities. But, is anybody afraid of Spiderman, icon of American culture?

Skydiver spider

After my last post I saw a picture on Bucket List Publications, a blog for people who are entirely focussed on travel, adventure and new experiences. Here they try to imitate a spider.

Kitchen spider

Last night a spider has woven a web at the extractor hood