Waiting for nothing

Deep in the night, I stopped at a traffic light in a sleeping city. (This is the first post that I’ve painted on an iPad)


Peace rockets

The Peace Palace, one of the last Dutch buildings in an old fashioned style, celebrates its 100th anniversary next year. The towers, looking like festive two-stage missiles, can hardly wait until the moment comes.

Invasion of the pumpkins

Halloween monsters are the deal of the day.

Red eye

My right eye has caught a viral infection. There is nothing I can do. Just wait and see until it’s over.

Christmas in October

They already attached Christmas decorations to the houses in an attempt to make Prins Hendrik Street more attractive.

Bed sheet hanging to dry

Shade of towel

A black towel hangs in our bathroom. The shape of its drop shadow on the floor is quite different from what I would have expected.