Fall of Icarus

At first sight, the famous painting from the 16th century that used to be attributed to Pieter Breughel the Elder, shows a farmer who plowes his land. On a plot next to him, a shepherd is daydreaming, surrounded by his sheep. A fisherman is fishing on the waterfront. From a distance you can see the city of Athens. At sea there is a boat. But nobody notices the drama that is going on in a dark corner and which refers to the painting’s title.

Icarus falls into the sea

iPad drawing

1 thought on “Fall of Icarus

  1. gabrielgarbowota

    Your drawing is exquisite in its own right. I have seen the painting that inspired you before (in reproduction) and it was only after many viewings that I noticed this part of the scene. Your picture puts the action front-and-center, without losing any of the shock.



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