Exhibition in Galeria Kulungwana, Maputo

Tomorrow I participate in an exhibition with 275 small paintings made for this occasion by nearly 100 artists in Maputo. The theme is ‘The history of your own life’. My works are based on pictures of myself as a toddler. I am interested how the visitors will perceive them. Africans have never seen young children in these circumstances, but for my generation in the Netherlands it is very recognizable.


Sketch from my paradise (22)

Kikuyu grass, the most common grass species in African gardens, grows in our garden.

Sketch from my paradise (21)

Happy new year!

Sketch from my paradise (20)

After the rain

Sketch from my paradise (19)

It swings in the wind.

Sketch from my paradise (18)

Just like it has been exposed to studio lamps.

Sketch from my paradise (17)