Tree from heaven



La La Angel

The first thing I notice at Angela Merkel’s face are the clear grooves, which appear in the corners of her mouth.



Trump (2nd state)

And then there was only one!
I’m curious how much tanning the Donald is going to need to become president.


Ai Weiwei – the most famous artist

You recognise him instantly. Especially when he keeps his mouth closed.

Ai Weiwei

Tu Youyou saved millions of lives

The Chinese medical scientist received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering artemisinin, nowadays the ultimate medicine for treating malaria.

Tu Youyou saved millions of lives

Malala – Face of our time (3rd state)

Despite the omission of the previous version’s  violent red, this version is just as powerful. It’s the only part of her head she ever reveals.

Malala 2

Malala – Face of our time (2nd state)