Sketch from my paradise (22)

Kikuyu grass, the most common grass species in African gardens, grows in our garden.


My exhibition on television

My exhibition at Fundação Fernando Leite Couto was a news item on Mozambique national television this week.

Fundação Fernando Leite Couto opening exhibition

Yesterday I had a successful opening in galeria Fundação Fernando Leito Couto of my solo exhibition. Many people came, Dutch Ambassador made a nice speech, got an interview for the national television and I sold some large paintings.

Exhibition in Maputo, Mozambique

Tomorrow my solo exhibition opens in Fundação Fernando Leite Couto, with paintings and prints. It is honorable that I can exhibit in one of the best galleries of Maputo. Everybody is welcome.

Sketch from my paradise (3)

Exhibition in Maputo

This month I participate in an exhibition in Gallery Kulungwana. Lots of paintings of 18 x 18 cm of many Mozambican artists with the theme “a paz. For a country that now knows 25 years ‘peace’ after 25 years of war, ‘a paz’ has a profound meaning. The gallery produced a nice catalog with an introduction by internationally renowned writer Mia Couto.

Two shadows meeting

oil painting 90 x 120 cm