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Wheat field with crows (exploration 3)

Robert Zandvliet,  undoubtedly one of the most talented painters in the Netherlands today according to critics, has engaged in an intensive exploration of the work not just of classic modern masters like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian, but also of figures as varied as the American Modernist Jackson Pollock, 17th-century Chinese painter Bada Shanren and Rotterdam artist Dolf Henkes. Currently, the GEM shows Wheat field with crows (127 cm x 312 cm, egg tempera on cotton) by Robert Zandvliet, based on the famous Wheat field with crows (50,5 x 103 cm, oil paint on canvas) by Vincent van Gogh. Here you see my Wheat field with crows (8,6 x 21 cm, Indian ink on handmade paper), based on Wheat field with crows by Robert Zandvliet. Vincent van Gogh wrote about it: “It are endless stretches of wheat under troubled skies, and I am not ashamed to express the worst gloom and loneliness.”