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Banana for sale

Banana for sale (without duct tape). Two bunches of bananas. 800 euro (with frame) in the Haagse Kunstkring until December 22. (Wed-Fri 12 am – 5 pm, Sat-Sun 1 pm – 5 pm)
iPad art / fine art print, 80 x 110 cm, limited edition 5

Book available

Looking for a nice gift? The book NO JARDIM with almost 40 sketches on the iPad + almost 20 texts is now available at the Haagse Kunstkring for 20 euros. You can also order it from me (+ shipping costs). Send an email with name and address.


Many people came to the opening of the NO JARDIM exhibition last Saturday. Ellen Fernhout made a very good speech. To be seen until December 22.

I will be present on Sunday December 8 at 4 PM.


I am already busy preparing the NO JARDIM exhibition in the Haagse Kunstkring at the end of this month. You can get these and other fine art prints with a contribution from € 175 for my crowdfunding www.voordekunst.nl You will receive the book with all the iPad sketches. The book itself is available from € 20.


Get the book

Still 24 days to go for crowdfunding of the book NO JARDIM. Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed. From € 20 you have a signed copy, from € 175 a signed fine art print + book. The book is full of sketches from my garden in Mozambique and will be presented on 30 November. For more information https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/9088-no-jardim-1

NO JARDIM, sketches of my paradise in Mozambique

Next month I want to present a new book NO JARDIM with sketches of my tropical garden in Mozambique. For me, that garden felt like a paradise with everything growing and flourishing. I would like to share that experience with my audience. I did not sketch on paper, nor with a pencil, nor with paint, but on my iPad. My starting point was the admiration for nature. This has resulted in a concept and style that intensively reflects the colorful tropical atmosphere. In the book I also write about the sketches, the environment and my personal experiences. It consists of 90 pages bound in a hardcover. When you open the book, you experience something of my own paradise. NO JARDIM is written in Dutch, but a translation in English will be online.

To print the book will cost € 5000. If this plan is appealing to you, I would very much appreciate it if you can make a contribution. But you will be rewarded for it. With a contribution of 20 euros or more you will receive the book as a gift. You find it on Voordekunst.nl

The book presentation of NO JARDIM is scheduled for November 30, 2019, at 4 p.m. in the Haagse Kunstkring. At the same time there is the opening of the exhibition of all the sketches from the book. The NO JARDIM exhibition is from November 27 to December 22 in the Haagse Kunstkring, Denneweg 64, The Hague
Wed-Fri 12 am-5pm / Sat-Sun 1 pm-5pm

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