ARTzaanstad 2017

This year I join ARTzaanstad with iPad art 16 | 17 | 18 June. I display large prints from the series ‘Paintings from heaven’. The presentation of this theme is a search for consistency in the complexity of nature when depicting shadows of trees and plants. It calls for questions about color, shape, transparency, contrast, connection, meaning and randomness.These fine art prints are exhibited for the first time. I will be present at location D1. You are most welcome. More information can be found at (note that everything is written in Dutch)

Sketch from my paradise (5)

Sketch from my paradise (4)

Sketch from my paradise (3)

Sketch from my paradise (2)

This shadow seems thrown against the outside wall.

Sketch from my paradise

Sketch from my tropical garden

In Maputo I spend a lot of time in our garden, full of tropical plants. For me, it feels like a second living room. I don’t stop being amazed by the exuberant force of nature. For the time being, until we will move to another town in the future, I will try to make a series of iPad sketches depicting my own paradise.