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One-day exhibition

On April 26 I had a one-day exhibition of paintings together with Theo Jordans. It happened in Groede where Theo’s sister and my brother extensively and exuberantly celebrated their 65th birthday. Quite by chance, really by accident, Theo is now also exhibiting in Pulchri and my exhibition in the Haagse Kunstkring will start next week.

Exhibition All inclusive

ALL INCLUSIVE – exhibition of paintings and iPad sketches

Rob van Doeselaar
Icarus - oil painting 100 x 135 cm

Icarus – oil painting 100 x 135 cm

Haagse Kunstkring
Denneweg 64
2514 CJ Den Haag
All inclusive

Our imaginative world is growing with the existence of new technology. Photographs, screens, movies, scanners, ultrasound, radar, etc. let us experience a different reality.  We can hardly use our eyes without the help of modern inventions. …  read